Thursday, April 14, 2011

No picture, not many words. I've been working and not had much time for art. I've been filling in as a sub for Jacky who broke her foot in 3 places and now she is back. Tomorrow is the beginning of our weeks spring vacation and I am heading to a friends house in North Carolina and am planning on spending time on the beach with a sketchbook, some watercolor pencils and my imagination. When I get back I will not have to go to work unless someone else is out and I get a call to come in. I have some mental work to do. I am going to work on the reasons I am not comfortable in a room full of people. I never have been and I find myself shaking and quiet and I have to force myself to mingle. I usually just sit and listen to what everyone else is saying and unless someone asks me a question I don't say much. Alone I am confident, I like my own company and enjoy myself by myself. I am also good one on one with people, just not more than that. I like most people but I have to figure out why I am so uncomfortable and change that. This will be a good exercise for me. I always had Gary there to buffer the conversation. He didn't like crowds of people either so together we were good to go but usually didn't. Only exception of course is family. When I get back I hope I have a mild tan, a new perspective, a desire to take a class and time to work on some new projects. See you then.


  1. A beautiful post Peggy and very personal. I'm happy you shared and know I am here thinking of you always! See you when you get back from vacation and hope you get that tan, you want, and a new perspective. Be safe! Love ya - M xxoo

  2. Can't wait to see what drawings you do at the beach. I am not comfortable in a group of people either, Peggy. I don't know why because I feel like a confidant person. I, too, have always been like this as an adult. Strange.



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