Wednesday, July 13, 2011

These are some salts I picked up at an auction I attended last weekend. I was so taken by the silhouette (spelling?) in the middle of them. I have seen many salts in my day but not like these. Perhaps they aren't even salt dishes. Does anyone know? I believe them to be but am not sure. I found them scrounging in some box lots and kept praying no one would take that box lot before the price came down. By the time they got down to $5.00 a box they were still there so I grabbed them. I also got a cut lead crystal heart, a green pressed glass toothpick holder, two small dishes with silver metal casings, a chamber pot with lid (damaged and glued) and two old books. It was a deal in my book.

Below is a chair that I found at that same auction. They described it as a French Provincial chair however, the carvings look more victorian to me than French. Either way, I love this chair and plan to have it reupholstered and possibly whitewashed to make it fit my decor. I haven't picked out the material but I love all things white and am thinking a white brocade fabric with antique whitewashing would be delightful to me, since I'm planing on painting my living room a very pale blue before the fall weather sets in. By the way, this chair was only $10.00. Can you believe it? I had a hard time with the excitement of this deal.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I love receiving comments as they help to motivate me to work on these projects and also to follow others blogs as well.


  1. Hi Peggy! Th salts are so sweet, what a lovely color. You could group them on a small silver tray for holding earrings and so on, on your dresser.Or desk?
    The chair is wonderful! What a find! I love the idea of white washing it! It would update it beautifully. And white uphosltry too. I can see why you want it done professionally , well worth it. I also love the idea of white fabric for it. I like rather primitive whites so I d use a rough linen...but the brocade sounds so pretty too.

    The mirror? And be sure to show us the results of the chair!



  2. What great treasures you obtained. I love the salts and have never seen any like these. For the chair...LOVE IT!!! Can't believe what a great price. With some TLC and your special touches it will be dreamy. Sunshine Smiles to you...

  3. I can't believe you got that chair for $10.00; what a bargain...please show us as soon as you refurbish it......

    Love Love the salts....I never seen these either. I am like you I love an auction....Where we previously lived, there was a great auction house and I used to go and find so many treasures...I really miss it...I collected salts for awhile but don't see too many anymore......

    It just sounds like you had a wonderful time and good bargains to boot...What are you going to do with the chamber pot? hahahahah

    Have a great day

  4. Peggy! Wonderful finds for great prices. I've never heard of salts before. But; I love these - the silhouettes are so delicate and lovely! And..........that chair! I can just see it the way you describe re-doing it. You have quite an eye my friend! Enjoy your weekend! xxoo

  5. Peggy, what a deal on that to see it when your done with the make-over!



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