Sunday, August 14, 2011

At last, I have finished my chair and even though it was my first upholstery job and is not perfect I am so proud of how it came out. I even managed to buy enough trim. Usually I am about 2 inches short.

It's hard to see that there is a pattern on it, but it is white on white. I probably won't let anyone sit in it for at least 3 days!!.

I've been working through some personal issues and trying to refocus my attentions but it is difficult at the moment. Usually when I'm in that kind of emotional state nothing comes out like I like it to. An example was I tried a painting, but I can't even show it. Oh well, maybe some day I'll paint over it and it will be a masterpiece.

So here is the chair. So proud.

Please click on image to see it better.

Chair $10.00 - Auction

Fabric from Alfreds's Fabrics, 2 yards @ sale price of $10.00 yd,

Trim from JoAnnes Fabrics, 9 yards @ $2.00 yd.

Total chair minus my labor = $48.00 if I did the math right. That is usually questionable.

Estimates for re-upholstery were upwards of $500. plus fabric. See what we cann do when we set our minds to it?


  1. Peggy,
    I am speechless...The chair is beautiful and it looks like it's been professionally upholstered...What a great job you did. I don't blame you for not wanting anyone to sit on it; I think I would just sit and admire the handiwork.....

    I am sorry that you have been going through a rough time; I hope things settle down and you get the issues resolved....But one thing is for sure, your distress did not affect your recovering this chair...

    Have you selected a place for it's new home?

    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Hi Peggy! The chair is gorgeous! It looks even better than I ever imagined, very professional job. Aren't so happy and so proud of what you did! You should be.

    I love the white on white fabric and the trim against the dark wood, which looks very lovely and polished now too. (I agree w/ NOT whitewashing, the contrast is just so elegant.)

    Oh I am thrilled with how it came out, spectacular job!

    Email me anytime if your "issues" get the better of you and you want to vent, I 'm here...or, well *there* (you now where to find me.)

    lizzy (anonymous bec of google hating me, lol.)

  3. PS I love your new header, very fun and summery! Great photo.


  4. Peggy; lovin' your new blog header! Your chair came out beautifully! I knew it would; it's so elegant and you really did a great job on it! See you soon! :) xxoo

  5. This chair is so elegant and you did a superb job reupholstering it. I love the white on white. May your personal issues become managable so your energy is focused on you and your creativity. Love your new banner.

  6. What a beautiful job you did on that chair ... Your talents are endless! Hoping the issues your dealing with get resolved ... Knowing you, you'll work it out! Hope to see you soon.....

  7. PS: love your new blog header!



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