Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It has taken some effort on my part to give up all the obligations and work and just play in this journal that sits unattended for weeks at a time.  It felt good to go to our journal club and mingle with the ladies and one gent and work on it.  I did finish it at home which for me is something given the work I have to do here.

I find it difficult to do anything playful if I have a load of work sitting waiting for me.  I know that I am not alone, but feel that it's time I just "let it go" and play.  It is good for the soul I think as it certainly brings some joy into an otherwise ho hum day.  Thank you to my art friends who are always encouraging me to do more even though I always don't.  I am beginning to realize just how important they are to me even though I always felt they were special in so many ways.  I am truly grateful to them for so many reasons.

I hope this is the motivation to keep on going and play a little more. 

Hope you are all experiencing an artful day and thanks for visiting.

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  1. Peggy; so good to see your journal spread here. I'm happy you posted it; it's beautiful! Your grid is wonderfully and creatively filled with special and meaningful elements - love it!

    I enjoyed your "Prince Charming" story and can't wait to see your art reflecting it. xxoo



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