Sunday, January 22, 2012

I've been busy in my apartment.  It's about time, as I've put it off during the holidays and beyond and I need to get it done so I can live here in the spring and enjoy the deck off the back of the house and my yard.

The top picture is of my living room.  I have finally started to tape the sheetrock and it is looking and coming out better than I expected. 

The second picture, also my living room shows the gas heater keeping it toasty warm to work in.  Behind that heater I plan to put in a small stone mosaic tile in a very light beige and white stone mix.  I will probably need to find someone else to install it as I cannot figure out the edges.  They are indented and extended and not a straight line.  It's on a mesh which would make it difficult if not impossible to cut with a tile saw.  Perhaps it has to be installed on the wall and then cut after, I don't know and I've set a lot of tile in the past. 

Next is my small bath.  The tub is from the original house and I saved it as it has no rust stains in it.  I had all new plumbing and faucets though and when it is done again I will show pics with my Kohler sink etc.  I haven't decided what tile to put on the floor yet, but that's a ways away anyway.

Then there is my bedroom in the dark red.  That's what it was, but I think I will change the color and go with something light airy and breezy with soft colors to soothe this overtired body of mine.  There is another full bath (shower, no tub)  off this room which I haven't  only dreamed of getting to.  It's not sheetrocked yet, just insulated.

So there is where my free time is going.  As for art, I have actually done a little at a journal club run by my friends Marilyn Rock and Melanie Phillips.  When I finish the spread I will post pictures of that too. 

It's good to be back at the blog.  I miss being involved in the art right now, but this house has to take precident as it is income property for me and I am struggling to keep afloat like everyone else in this economy. 

Wishing  you all artfilled days ahead.



  1. Well Peggy, I can say you are tackling a huge project.....My hat is off to you and your willingness to accomplish this task.....

    I really like the ideas you shared and I can't wait to see the end results of all your efforts.....

    1. Thank you for your comment Nancy. I am at a point where I might hire someone to come in as the time is going by and it is slow and I am getting overwhelmed. I will keep posting any successes I have though with this job so you can see where it goes.

  2. Peggy,
    You are so multi-talented! Bless your heart for taking on such a huge endeavor! I can't believe little you can do all this remodeling by yourself! I'm impressed!

  3. Beautiful spaces, Peggy! What a huge'll have to look upon sheetrocking as a forn of art! Or--zen? It is an immense project for you...but so rewarding. And you re so talented and handy, lucky girl.

    talk soon! I miss you!


    lizzy gone to the beach

    1. I can say I miss you too Lizzy but I am following your blog and see every post. You too are talented and I still love everything you do. We will talk soon. I'll make it a priority.



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