Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hi Friends,

It's been a while since I did a 4 X 4 piece and I was given the opportunity and asked if I wanted to make one for a friend who is going through some very difficult times right now.  This is really quite simple but I am hoping it will cheer her.  It will become a page in a book done with several of them from her friends in an art group.

On a personal note, since you see I have not been "producing" much in the line of art lately, I have been struggling with a word.  Why would anyone even "have" to struggle with a word.  It seems silly to me, but then the word is obsession.  That in itself could be obsessive. lol.   The dictionary says  it's an idea or desire that obsesses one.  And to obsess means to haunt or preoccupy the mind.  Well I have been doing that a lot lately, and I really want to stop.   I wish I could just tell myself to stop, which actually I have, but it is of no use.  It's almost like an addiction.  I have to mentally figure out what the payoff is to me for doing this.  If I can figure that out. perhaps the behaviour will end.  I wish I was obsessing about art, or my house that so needs to have work done on it, but instead I have taken up an obsession about men.  I am not dating, but would like to.  Have seen a few and met a few but so far the situations have not entitled me to anyone who could fill that spot in my heart. I know too that I'm better if I don't "look" for a man but just let mother nature or whoever takes care of that job, send me someone.  Maybe I'm just a little too anxious.  Another word I could use would be un-ladylike so I'll let you use your imagination.

So why I write this here I don't know.  Perhaps someone in Blog land will have some clues how to stop this obsessing and get back to what I should be doing and that is Art.

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  1. LOL, maybe you ll meet a guy named Art?

    The page is beautiful....and I so hope to see more of your home reno soon.

    BTW I believe, but could be wrong! that obsessive behavior, thoughts, can be caused by a chemical imbalance in one's brain. Perhaps you could speak to a trusted medical person?

    anyway, good luck on your manhunt!




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