Tuesday, October 9, 2012

An update on what has happened since last post.  I now have a gas stove with the tile work behind the stove..  My small bath is tiled and grouted but trim work yet to be done. 

I did hire someone to install this tile as I was too intimidated to tackle it myself and am pleased with the results.

Here is a picture of my pink bedroom where I only wallpapered the front wall as an accent.  some fabric shades or white drapes will probably follow.  I'll let you know and post pics.  It will be a while for that though.

Can't seem to find the picture of the tile work, so will take some and get back later.  I will be putting in the floor molding today and then priming and painting. 

Hope you enjoy seeing my progress.  Hope to get it all done and be in it before I have to have my next surgery.  It may be sooner than I was planning.  A motivation factor for sure.

Thanks for stopping by and for any comments you may leave.  I am always grateful to those who tell me what they think.  It gives me guidance. 


  1. Looks like things are moving along nicely Peggy. I love the wallpaper and your beautiful tile work!

  2. Very pretty! The stove looks so cozy...[my dad used to prime and paint moldings *before* he installed them, then just fill and touch up the nail holes. So much easier to paint on sawhorses or a couple boards, in the yard or garage....He was known to prime with car paint sprayer thing, compressor? That was really fast!]


  3. Beautiful progress Peggy! Love the wallpaper and the tile is perfect! xxoo



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