Thursday, August 22, 2013

Just a short post  Seems I have this thing about accomplishing something every day.  If I dont, I feel as though I've wasted the day.  Either I need to work on the house or produce a product.  When I take the time to work on "myself" it is when I am just sitting or talking to friends and feel as though I'm wasting time but in reality I know that I am not.  I think that I need more work than my house or the product so a lot of time is being spent working out the bugs in my life. 

There aren't too many left.  I  have come back from the broken relationship to liking myself again and am reasonably happy with my life as is.  I miss the companionship and the humor we shared.  I miss the time spent listening to music or watching musicians play their instruments.  I love that and unless I go out alone I don't have anyone to share that with anymore.  I will probably at some point take myself out and say the hell with it, go alone.  At least I know that I am comfortable doing things on my own again and my self esteem has made a comback.  Why I got lost in that relationship I do not know, but I did.

Time to make a gift for a girlfriend who's birthday is Monday.  Best get to it so I can get it in the mail to her later today.

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  1. Very pretty! And the baby socks are aborable.




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