Friday, September 27, 2013

Finally!  Yesterday I was about 2/3 done and was so frustrated I was laying on the floor on my back and crying and asking God why he won't let me get this floor done, and what is it that I am supposed to learn and don't, etc....... on and on.  When I was finished crying my phone rang and it was my bbf and she said "How are you?"  Well how did she know to call me at that moment?  I told her of the month long endeavor and the difficulties I have had with this floor.  Anyway, today I got up and I didn't even plan to work on it but tried to get this one piece in that was giving me so much trouble and it went in and I just kept going.  I am done with it!  Of course there is much still to be done.  My next job is the baseboard molding and I have to replace a piece of a door frame molding and I have to  patch some of the wall where I took the molding off, it peeled some of the paint and top layer of some of the sheetrock.  Nothing is ever easy but provides me with challenge after challenge to keep me engaged to this house.  It's a good thing I love the after.  The after always gives me great satisfaction and makes me proud of my achievements.

So onward I go.  I thought it was Thursday and found out after it is Friday so I'm taking the weekend off and going to play and on Monday I'll give myself a new challenge or "job" and see how far I get.

Thanks for stopping.


  1. Found you through "Gone to the Beach" and I'm already a fan. I have to go through your previous posts and find out the story of your remodeling. The little bit I've read has inspired me. I find just painting to be quite a feat.

    Your floor is beautiful.


  2. Thank you Hunter. It's been a long journey but educational as well. I hope you see more inspiration.... Love gone with the Beach. Lizzy is great!

  3. I knew you'd get it Peggy! You go girl! Always in your corner! xxoo

  4. Hi Peggy! Your energy and accomplishments are inspiring. The floor is beautiful.

    PS I have admit it..I not only collect seaglass I collect buttons too, just like you. Oh the Mason jars of MOP treasures...if only I had a sewing room.





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