Friday, January 10, 2014

Well my countertops are in the waiting.  I am undecided between granite and laminate.  Seems like a no brainer but it's not.  I have to consider the fact that this could all happen again and with the crazy weather patterns and excess snow this year there could be some flooding in the spring.  Heck, they're talking localized flooding today when it starts raining.  It won't be that bad but the possibility exists that the spring could be devastating.  That being the case it would seem laminate would make more sense.  And, they make it to look like granite.

On the other side, the granite could be re-used in the event of a flood, but the kitchen layout would have to remain the same and since it's such a small space, I think it's reasonable to say it will stay the same.
Now, the granite I picked that I like had to be one of the most expensive ones because that's the way my father taught me to look at things.  Quality.  He was definitely into quality.  Only bought the best.  Me, well I don't buy the best but that's where my taste lies.  In the best there is.  So whenever I pick something and then check the price it is almost always the most expensive.  Thanks Dad?  The granite I picked is $69.00 a square foot and because it is a "small job" there is an additional $150.00 (penalty?) placed on the order.  Where is the justice in this world.  Greed is everywhere.

For anyone interested in the color paint I chose in the kitchen,  I went to Lowes and found a paint chip to match my color.  It is called La Fonda Teal number 5007-88.  That isn't the actual color I used as I bought Behr Paint at Home Depot but I brought this home and it matches right up so can be used.

Next time I'm at Home Depot I'll see if I can match up the color there and come up with the "real one" but this one is close enough to be called the same.

Meanwhile, to keep me busy I took the "Cushman" cabinet I bought at Sonny's and cut it down.  Now I have a corner cabinet for the tv to sit on and a corner table.  Paint is still needed and I'll get to that soon.  Here's a picture of that.

Hope you enjoy seeing my progress?  It's slow for sure but it's coming.  P.S.  That corner table is the perfect height for next to a chair or sofa.  How does that work?

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  1. You re so inventive! I d never think to reuse the uper section!

    I d get the granite, it will be fine if heaven forbid another flood comes!---or--did you consider quartz? So pretty and doesn t have to be sealed and cared for like granite does.

    i love seeing your progress. You re an inspriration!



  2. What a great idea Peggy for the corner hutch! Very creative, indeed….perfect matching pieces. Can't wait to see what color you paint it...



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