Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Now that I've stopped working on my first floor apartment (at least until I can open my doors and windows again to let the fumes of the products I use out) I seem to have taken up birdhouse renovations.  Fun.

I forgot to take a before picture.  This is actually a during picture.  Originally this house had no base on it, and the roof was all looking pretty much like the front as you see it here.  So, being as the bottom of this was pretty much rotted out, (it was found in a pile of leaves headed for the trash) I decided to rescue it and give it a new lease on life for another year or two.  So I built the base, painted it with exterior paint and added a few embellishments.  Here is the final result.  I have not put it outside yet, but probably should as this is the nesting season for the birdies and it did actually have a lot of nesting material I had to clean out so I know they did live here.

Do you think the cat sitting by the door will frighten them away?  Personally I doubt it.  We shall see and I'll let you know.

Meanwhile, I've taken on another one.  This one comes from another one that was pretty distraught.  I had purchased it years ago at the Tulip Festival and I remember paying $40.00 for it which just about blew my mind that I would actually pay that much.  Well you can't tell yet what the final house looks like, it was just beautiful.   Again, I didn't take a before picture.

So today I plan to finish my embellishments and some paint and stain to finish it off.  The front will have a more distinct door with doorknob and planters and the back I decided needed a picture window. I know it looks crooked but I haven't trimmed it in yet.  I actually have a piece of glass in there so the birds can see out.  This one they might not inhabit but again it will be interesting to see if they do.  So I will trim out the window, put some more embellishments on and show the finished project later on.  Hopefully, later today.

Hope you are enjoying your creative side and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love what you're doing with these birdhouses! xo

  2. These are adorable! I hope the birdies love them and come and build their nests. Be sure to let me know!




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