Sunday, April 6, 2014

Today I went shopping for a piece of furniture that I could use for a desk or table for my arts and crafts but came home with this instead.  Everyone who comes into my house asks why I don't have my large screen tv in my living room so when I saw this and liked it, checked the price and it was right on target so I bought it, came home and assembled it and my daughter and companion came and carried the tv downstairs and I managed for the first time to hook it all up and the VCR too and then watched a movie to be sure it worked and it does.  Yea!  So often I am technically challenged but was able to complete the set up and watch the Country Music Awards on the big screen.  I've been watching on a small 29" and that now is in my bedroom.  More information than anybody needs.  Anyway the piece was made by Sauder Co. and I have had them before.  They go together really easily if you follow their directions and look really much more expensive than they are.

My blog will probably take on a different tone now that most of the work is done on my lower floor.  It is now fully functional although there are still small jobs that need to get done.  I am waiting for warmer weather so I can open windows and doors and paint and work outside on my deck and not have to deal with fumes inside.

A few more pictures for my  friend  Janet who doesn't do Facebook but who helped to finance my recent reno and help me with final finishing touches.

This vase I purchased at the Salvation Army Store for $1.99.  I think it is beautiful.  The dishes above I purchased to go in my kitchen.  Something to ad some pattern as my everyday dishes are plain white.  Above that is a new faucet I had to replace in my master bath due to leaking of the old one.  Above that is a coffee table that a dear girlfriend gave me.  It was her mothers who recently passed away.  I sanded off all the dark old finish and it came out this light color with some weathered streaks in it.  I find it goes really nicely in my room.  I need to put a finish on it yet, and haven't decided whether to whitewash it or just a clear coat.  I'm afraid the clear coat will make it dark again and I really want it to stay as light as it is.  Any suggestions I will listen to and consider.   Please leave me a note if you have an idea.

Spring is finally here or very near.  The ice on the side of my house is almost gone.  Will be working outside cleaning up soon.  Am anxious to get out in the fresh air and enjoy some sunshine.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you are enjoying your days and doing things you love.  Feel free to leave a note.


  1. What a transformation Peggy! Beautiful - love the soft colors and your new furniture piece is awesome! Everything goes together so well. The vase is really neat; love the way the light is hitting it to see the swirls in it.

    I'll have to come for tea soon :) It's been a busy month!

    Love ya - Marilyn xo

  2. Hi Peggy! I am awed by your ability and energy. Your home loooks beautiful, I love the white sofa with accents of springtime florals, so pretty and fresh.

    I ll enjoy your blog wherever your path leads you, my friend. Carry on...

  3. This new piece is really nice Peggy. Everything is beautiful and I bet you're glad it's almost over. All your efforts were so worth it.



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