Monday, December 13, 2010

I painted this tree for an 89 year old man in a nursing home as I go to visit a few times a week and he didn't have any decorations in his room at all.  His only other visitor is his daughter but she was away on holiday for a week.  As with most older people there are so few things they need, that it's hard to know what to do for them at the holiday.  And so this tree was created and I put it on poster board and hung it in his room.  He was very pleased with it. 

Already, since I've been doing more and more art, I am feeling like the new year is going to be a great one for me.  So many things I hope to accomplish, and getting back into the art circle is one of them.

Hope you enjoy the holidays and are looking forward to the new year as well.


  1. Peggy,
    This is such a pretty picture; you are sweet and very special to have painted this for your friend.....I am sure you are a real blessing to him......may you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas.....


  2. I love this Peggy! It's festive and very special for your friend. You are a blessing, not only, to him but to me! I am so thankful for our friendship and I look forward to seeing you soon! xxoo Marilyn

  3. That was so kind of you Peggy! A very nice painting too - you're a sweetie. Love your Christmas card also.

  4. Peggy, I just love your art. You are such a talented, creative woman. You gave your friend the best Christmas gift he will receive this year.

    I can not imagine how it must be to live without your life mate. Since we lost our granddaughter, I have this hole in my heart that hurts. And I don't know how to make the pain lessen.

    I think it would be good for me to get more serious about my photography and digitally working with pictures. You have just given me the nudge I needed. I will be thinking of you and your Gary at Christmas.
    God bless,
    Barb Hines



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