Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today I will be going to my brother's house whom I have not seen in two years for a Christmas Party for the family.  We usually each give some small trinket for presents, nothing expensive but a gesture of love and so I made these snowman mixed media collages for each of my siblings.  I hope they like them.

This will be my first Christmas without  my Gary here and I'm trying to keep it together and enjoy the holiday as much as possible since it is my favorite.  I like to think he is here with me in spirit even though he never wanted to partake in any of the "decorating" for the season.  He always enjoyed it when it was done though.
A guy thing I think.

I feel a sense that my art is going to be big this year as I find myself getting back to wanting to do more and more and my blogging friends that I follow have truly inspired me to work on projects by posting their creations.  When I go to your blogs I say "Wow" all the time and just wish I was that creative, and so now you have all inspired me to "be" just that. 

Thank you all for that.  It's the best gift I could get this year.  Merry Christmas straight from my heart.


  1. Peggy,
    The snowmen are wonderful and I am sure they will be delighted and proud to have a piece of your art......

    The first of anything after you loose you mate has got to be hard and I admire that you are pushing through....His presence will be with you always and I am sure that is a comfort......I think it's wonderful that you are making art again and that you are excited about it....I pray your 2011 will be full of adventures and blessings...


  2. What a cool idea-no pun intended- to paint/collage snowmen for your sibs! I LOVE Them!

  3. Dear Peggy!
    I ahve been so busy taht I ahve not had a chance to respond to your Resin questions!! Ice Resin is fabulous and you cannot loose with trying it. it is a bit pricey but it goes a long long way. Go to Objects and Elements. com( susan Lenart- Kazmers on-line store- she developed it!)

    Best wishes for a peaceful Holiday season -it will be hard but Gary will be there with you, I am sure!! Here's to a wonderfully artful and creative 2011!!
    I am sure that your sibs will love your wonderful Collages!!!!
    Holiday Hugs!!!

  4. Peggy! These are wonderful; I love them! I'm sure your sibs will enjoy them - the snowmen are so happy! That is my wish, for you, for Christmas and the coming new year - happiness, peace and good health!

    See you soon............Love ya - Marilyn

  5. Thank YOU Peggy, for the beautiful art and for sharing your view of the world with us all. I wish you abundant creativity in 2011.

  6. Your snowmen are wonderful! Best wishes for the coming year! I hope your Christmas has been good. I too lost dear family in the past few years ---both my parents and a special friend---and it makes the holidays both poignant and ad. I guess we will miss these people always, but I try to take joy in the present, keep busy, plan for a fun, productive future. You'll be in my thoughts, dear Peggy!

    PS What hearts are you knitting? What, how, why? Pls share?





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