Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yesterday was a day of celebrating friendships.  Some of my best friends and I got together and made snowpeople out of vintage bottles and these are the results of the two I made. 

It has been a while since I have been with my group of friends and it was very theraputic for me.

It was just a great day with great food and great friends with some fantastic results in making our snowpeople.

Hope you all had a little time to create as I'm going to check out all your blogs now and get some more inspiration.


  1. Peggy, these are absolutely adorable.....I love the music inside the bottles.....

    Aren't friends the greatest and being able to get together and do art is food for the glad you were able to be with your buddies.....


  2. Enchanting. I love the little one in red. My smile lingers for hours after I leave our group.

  3. I wish I had been apart of the fun....these are fabulous! Can't wait till I can see you again!

  4. Peggy! I love seeing your "girls" here. They are awesome. I really enjoyed watching you smile as you were creating them. Love the hats! Love ya - Marilyn xxoo

  5. What a fun idea! Friends crafting together! And your snowmen are adorable!
    I'm looking forward to the knitted hearts too...can you lv your email address for me on my blog comments? (at gone to the beach)? I don't feel like I should put mine here. I won t publish the comment, but that way I can answer when you write to me. Thx!



  6. Peggy; I forgot to tell you; love your new blog header! xxoo



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