Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm testing myself this year with finishing things.  I seem to start a lot of projects but many of them do not get finished.  For instance, the hearts.  I wanted to have an odd number as they look better grouped in that way, however, after two I went on to start a scarf (unfinished) and then this hat.  I loved the yarn so much for this hat and the colors just excite me that I had to finish it.  It only took one day for me to make this, with interuption too.  The pattern has a cowl scarf and fingerless mittens to go with it but I have not started them yet.  (I think I need to finish my other scarf).  But, since this yarn is so yummy I will probably abandon the white scarf all together and do this.  But maybe I should do another heart or three?

The yummy yarn used in this is Berroco Borealis (60% acrylic, 40% wool), and the pattern was by a young lady named Celeste  Young who works at a specialty yarn shop here in Colonie New York called Trumpet Hill.
Their website is here:  The pattern is called Button Brim Set, cap, wristlets. cowl.

Of course there are other art projects I have in the works too but they are unfinished as of yet too.  Since the deadline is coming up on them I think I will go tackle them today and then come back to the above forementioned cowl scarf and mittens.

Hope you are enjoying your MLK Holiday and making some art.


  1. Hi Peggy! Love the hearts! So fun. Thx for sharing! And the hat is beautiful, can you tell us what the lovely yarn is?
    God luck with your projects!



  2. Oh those hearts are precious Peggy! I love 'em! The hat is gorgeous and the yarn is so beautiful! Can't wait to see your other projects; I'm so happy that you're getting back to your talent! xxoo



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