Monday, February 6, 2012

This post comes from an experience I had yesterday.  I was so high on endorphins and remained so all day and night.

Some of you know I have been searching for a friend (male) to share time with.  That's all, just time, and here is my story from yesterday...

Anyhow, I decided I was going to go to Wallmart to get the Kindle Fire. As I'm walking in the parking lot I'm thinking to myself "If I find "Prince Charming" in here I have really lowered my standards. (A friend suggested I do that last week and I said it wasn't going to happen. lol) Laughing at myself I went in and when I got in line for the Kindle a young (looks about 25-30) guy who looked like he should be in the movies came up behind me. I proceeded to tell him he may want to get in another line because I might be awhile he smiled and proceeded to flirt with me. (Don't GAG!!) He was so cute he made me blush and feel like I was 17 again. He eventually did go to another line but proceeded to get another man to admit he thought I was very pretty in front of other people. I told him He made my day which he did. I'm totally sure he was just practicing on me till he found the younger version of me, but nevertheless I left the store with my idea of "Prince Charming firmly imbedded in my mind and feeling full of joy. A pure example of how one person can make a difference.

Happy blogging friends.  Hope you are creating.


  1. That is so sweet, so cute! And your picture on your "me" sidebar is gorgeous! I so adnmire your courage and resolve! Walmart, who knew?



  2. Here's to your prince who, I'm sure, is just awaiting to try on that glass slipper! I'm happy you had a joyous day! xxoo

  3. What a treat when you least expect it...A little attention goes along way in making our glad you had fun with this guy and got your Kindle to boot....

    I love your new profile picture; where have you been hiding this gal?

    1. Nancy, my grandaughter and I did a fun "photo shoot". She's 15 and all into herself so I was playing with her and it was so much fun. We laughed till we cried. Thank you for visiting.



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