Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There is a short story associated with this journal post.  One that left me somewhat in awe of the world we live in and whether there is life after death.

I started out just wanting to do any journal page that was pretty.  I wanted to convey the simple pleasure of seeing something pretty and feeling the same.  I didn't give it any thought really and decorated the corners with some pretty paper.  Then I decided since I love nature to add the birds, butterfly etc. and the word "Harmony" in the lower left corner.  When it came time for me to find an image that I wasn't quite ready to "draw" I went to a shoe box I have with cards saved over the years.

In the box I found this card that was sent to me by my Gary.  I  just loved the picture and am now searching to find that special feeling I had with him in someone new.  I hinged the card so that I could keep the written sentiment inside or underneath in this case.  So much for that.

Gary and I danced, not often enough.  Usually it was only at weddings etc., but he new I always wanted to go dancing.  When we had the celebration of life after Gary died we played a slide show and played music.  One of the songs was "I hope you Dance."  It seemed so fitting a song for those of us left behind.

Now the  beauty of this page was right before me and I didn't even know it.  On the right hand lower side of the page were words from the original book that I had gessoed over and never read.  In a moment of trying to decide what to put there I saw the word "dance" and started reading.  This is what it says:

"Bess" he cried, will ee dance on the green with me?"
Those in front could hear the maid's answer.  she held out her hand to Tom and shook her head.
"There be not room enough to dance down here, Tom,  she said."  "We must wait until we get to Heaven.  There'll be room enough for dancing there."

A  message sent to me in a strange but wonderful thought.  Oh how I want to believe.

Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.


  1. This just proves love never dies Peggy! I love your journal page - beautiful marriage of your art and words here. Thanks for sharing the story with me, too! Love ya - Marilyn

  2. a secret , hidden in plain sight message...lovely. And your artwork is beautiful, so poignant.



  3. Believe!!! Such a beautiful piece and powerful words. Thanks so much for sharing.



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