Saturday, February 11, 2012

Today was a day of reflection for me as valentine's day is near and I don't have a valentine of the male gender.  Made me think of my Gary and how some days I miss him more than others.

I wanted to do a journal page and so I worked on this little spread in memory.  The little girl with angel wings I found in some book or magazine and it has been sitting in my cabinet for the last two years, near Gary's things.  I decided the journal page would make it a permanent part of my life and my art.

As of late I have been feeling so much at peace and with a lot of joy coming my way.  My days are filled with more humor, less stress and much happiness in being able to choose how to spend my days.  I would love to find a special man to share activities of some sort with, be it a ride on a sunny day, a visit to see an old friend (his or mine), or an art festival, auction, or so many other things.

I haven't found that one special person yet but I have interest in two men right now with no plans to meet socially yet.  Don't know if it will happen but if it doesn't, so be it.  I still feel happy, with or without.  Would prefer with, obviously.  Fun by one is twice as nice when shared.

Also, my downstairs is now completely sheetrocked.  A relief.  Tomorrow the tapers come to give me a price.  Pictures in future blogs as it's not much to see right now.

Hope all your days are filled with art, good friends, family and a life filled with joy.
Thank you too for visiting.


  1. I just love: Fun by one is twice as nice when shared. I great choice of words to express how you feel. Wishing you peace and happiness.

  2. I know Valentine's Day must be so very hard for those who have lost a dear one but you have made wonderful art to remember your sweet one...It will always be a reminder of the love between you two....

  3. Love your journal spread, here, Peggy! Very therapeutic and meaningful - really beautiful! You sound so uplifted and that makes me smile! xxoo

  4. Happy Valentine's Day! As for the guy search, hang in there!


    lizzy [gone to the beach]



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