Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Monday night, the night that hurricane Sandy is due to arrive here in the Northeast and I haven't even finished the repairs from hurricane Irene.  Everything is on hold, but I'm finding myself not caring at all of what is to come.

Perhaps because I have no control over it, perhaps because I know what it is like to not know what is to happen and because I know that no matter what happens, if I am alive tomorrow and can see another day, that all is well.

I can no longer afford to let life and her lessons keep me down.  I've been down so many times for so many reasons, that I just don't want to be there any more.  And........ I have faith.  Faith that what is to come will show me things I did not know,  That life is more than what is destroyed.

  Perhaps our creator has gotten so upset with the violence and destruction here on earth with people and the wars and the fighting that he/she/it has decided to show us some real violence in order to calm us down.  In order to put the right things in order and prioritize our lives so that we understand the precious gift of life and how it cannot be taken for granted and should not be destroyed for the sake of religion, or oil or any of the other forsaken beliefs. To know that to wake up in the morning and wonder how many people you will kill today is not what was intended when he gave birth to you.
To bomb buildings and destroy towns and villages and the people in them after years of building and hard work is not in anyone's best interest and does nothing to make the world a better place is not what should be done.

Perhaps to wake up in the morning and rejoice in the air we breathe, to soak up the beauty of a sunrise and realize that life is ours to enjoy.  That if we have love in our hearts we can bring peace and harmony to those around us and help each other in the  struggles that life brings.  That we don't have to participate in those events and circumstances that bring us anger and fear and resentment.
That we can decide to surround ourselves with people who make us feel good about ourselves, and in doing so we create a life that is joyful and playful and one in which we want to give of ourselves to someone elses life and build on that.

Enough babbling for now.  I don't even hear the wind blowing and it has hardly rained.  I'm thinking my God is sparing me.  The wind is overhead and not on the ground here.  My windows are not rattling and they always do when the wind blows.  Perhaps he has decided that I and my neighbor who is in her 80's and lost her little dog this morning have had enough lately and the storm is going over and around us.  I will let you know.  Right now there is no fear in my heart. 


  1. Hi! I hope you re okay. WE had to lv finally, I have nt heard about other areas yet. My house/ car/ kids etc...all is fine but the ocean broke thru the seawall and swwilrded around the house! I was electrcity, maybe no water...for a long time so I packed us up and left. So sad.

    my regular email is out, you can contact me via my blog or gmail

  2. hi peggy....hope you re ok. my regular email is out, so contact me via my blog, or gmail

  3. Hi Peggy,
    Well; you are a writer and think you should write more. This is a beautiful post with thoughts that have been going through my head as well.

    Whatever or whoever the force; I think it is sending us a clear message.

    Hope you are ok. We dodged a huge bullet here; feel so thankful and yet feelings torn with heartache for the people who are struggling from Sandy.




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