Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oh how fortunate I have been and blessed.   The storm left little to no damage.  Just a couple of pieces of the siding around my windows blew off.  And that was the day after the original landing of the storm.  So nothing to complain about but everything to rejoice about.

My heart aches for those who now are going through what we went through with Irene but in an even more devastating way.  I hope that they find the help that they need but that their spirits stay in tact.  It will be a long and weary journey back to where they were but perhaps with more forethought on what is really important and not in just replacing "stuff".

For me it will be back to the work already in progress.  Prayers and blessings to those who struggle and I will do my part in making a donation to help as others have helped me. 


  1. Thank goodness, We are keeping everyone that was is harms way in our thoughts and prayers.
    Sandra Evertson

  2. Hi! Ive been so centered on our plight here at the beach that have not properly checked up on the very friends who wrote to me and cared! Sorry for that but so very happy you got thru this storm okay. love and good wishes from the beach [well not exactly, but that s where my heart is...]




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